Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Fiction Day!

"This is literally the worst." Gaile looked at the pile of scrap formally making up the engine to the ship. "All I have to do is just repair the whole thing and we will be good. It's only the main component to get us airborne again so we can start making more money."

Wesk looked the scrap over, and tapped the side. A broken bolt shifted, then fell off with a loud clank. "I dunno, this looks like we need to go find a new one. The holes we got during the last dust up look like they went in some pretty important places." He picked up a catalytic converter and peered through the misshapen bullet hole on the side. "This seems kinda dead."

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Aphantasia - its a thing you didn't know you and others can/cannot do.

Maybe we should talk about brain stuff. Several days ago, I saw something odd on Youtube. It was this video from this artist talking about a newly named/discovered disorder/ thing called Aphantasia. I'm watching along with the video, and I'm going "Visualization is a metaphor for thinking about something. Wait, that shit isn't metaphorical?" All of a sudden, it feels like this is a thing I likely get to deal with.. Yay. Now, anyone who knows me would agree on my thoughts on self diagnosis. "DON'T" But, what if you are absolutely sure that you have a thing you to need to deal with? "NOPE, Let a doctor do it." That arm looks gangrenous. "Lets go to the hospital, no I have no idea what it is."

Short answer is that WebMD will literally make you a hypochondriac if you're not careful. I don't need that.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Captain Marvel

So I got a chance to see Captain Marvel Last night and for those who are in need of speed, it was really good. The acting was good, the cinematography was good, and the sound was really good. I could have done with more Clark Gregg. The ties into the larger universe were pretty well handled and while it does cause some weird plot wholes from movie to movie, its not a very big deal. Oh, and the Stan Lee bits are going to punch you right in the feels.

I am positive this will be considered the gold standard of female super hero movies going forward. People might argue that Wonder woman already broke that ground, but this movie was more what do you do when you are systematically told what you can and cannot do. Also, its nice to see Marvel break away from a hero's starter villain having the same power set except beefier. The De-aging CG used in this film for everyone was better than been used in previous Marvel movies, but it still felt a little weird to me. It gets better every movie, but I think it could still use more work.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Gonna start a new RPG!

So coming up in the near future is going to be a a new RPG group (to me) and we are going to run a Android Genesys game setting. Session Zero is up coming so were going to start planning what I want to roll with now. For those of you not in the know, Session zero is a preliminary meeting where you all plan characters and get an Idea of what you as a group want to do, and in this case I'll be meeting some of the group here for the first time as well. There is normally zero role playing going on, and more just making sure everyone is on the same page. Not every group needs a really formal session, especially if the full group has played together before. I have done groups where both have and haven't done them and it has been fine for that group. Its more important for game systems that are more open, like Genesys, BESM, or Gurps. You don't want someone bringing a full conversion cyborg to your fantasy punk golem noir game... Which I did, because the rules allowed it. Or the time I brought a very much fantasy Fairy to a pretty hard Sci-fi setting. 

Look, mistakes were made. Even if they were super memorable and super entertaining for the group.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Making a Game 2

My office drones come in all colors.
Also, they work weekends for free.
Okay, so last time we worked on making a depressing office simulator board game. Lets look at some basic game play elements. I need to have a tile laying system so we can play office workers. I'm thinking that you draw from one deck, and play anywhere on the office. You want to play yours farther from the breakroom/bathrooms, and closer to the printers and the office supply. Some actions in the game will let you play extras or even force opponents to remove workers. The tiles will have to be placed to that the workers can leave, but I think maybe making it worth more to make the cubicle farm maze like should be an option. I can already see some neat options here. But I think this is just something you do while playing the actual game. Some extra player interplay as they do their thing.
I think everyone starts a project from either a dice role or from a card deck at the beginning of the game. Cards could let me go more projects with funny names and a greater variety of what the goals are. This would both add replay value, and add some good humor. We could have projects range from "Upgrade accounting software" to "Develop new flagship product." The points values could be more targetable for each one, and some could have a random amount of points with a random size of the project. On the other hand, keeping it to a table you roll dice on makes it easier to make the projects as you can keep the list very generic. I.E.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Fiction Day

This was going to take not giving a shit to a new level. Fred looked at the orders sheet from corporate. It looked like they wanted nothing more than to pretend that the economy was still in one piece and they still made some money.

Sighing, Fed set the sheet down. The office he was standing in didn't really belong to anyone, but the staff was required to come in and do some reports every day. On yet another day, the store was understaffed by people who didn't know how much effort was required to do the jobs they asked for. He hurriedly filled out some reports, showing he did close out the safe correctly, watch the cameras, and pulled some boxes from the back. Finally, he went out and pulled the lever behind the counter. It was big and silver with a red handle. It could have come from a cartoon, it was so out of place on the wall. Fred hung out while registers came online, avoiding the eyes of the customers outside the store.

"The store opens at 10, they can just freaken wait." Fred mumbled to himself. It probably wasn't smart, the systems were coming online, and the mics could come online at any point. The high-pitched dings of the registers sounded as they came online one after the other. Fred quickly wound his way out from behind the counter, it wasn't goo
d for him to stay back there. He checked his watch, looking to see how much time he had. The time said 9:57, just enough for him to run down a few aisles making sure there was nothing on the floor. He would never hear the end of it if a customer got stuck halfway through the store. The loss in profits alone would endanger his job.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Making a Game

Standard meeple army
Okay, its time to make a game. Specifically, a table top board and or card game. This series going to mostly be a design diary, but if I get a really strong interest in moving forward.... Who knows. Lets get started.

First things first, I need some basics. I could go with a very complex or a very simple game. I'm going to try to keep it simpler. First, its just me play testing this game later. I cannot play test enough for a complex game like say Warhammer 40,000 or Magic the Gathering. So no to tactical miniatures, and collectible card games. I want to stay away from lots of tokens and draw decks. some are fine, too many can make the game take more time to set up and clean up than to play. Long setups can stop a game before it starts, and long cleaning ups will cause either lost pieces, or be the last thing you remember about a game. I want player turns to be relatively quick no more than 1 min or so per turn, with a total playtime of 20 to 40 min. Longer games will likely run afoul rules complications and such. Do I want a board for this game? I suppose I will find out later.