Monday, July 1, 2019

Board Game Review - Endogenesis

Okay, so I recently got my Kickstarter copy of Endogenesis in the mail. In Endogenesis each player plays as a formless Spirit in a new universe. You are competing with the other players to become the king/queen of the pantheon of the gods when the universe kicks off. It runs from 1 to 5 players, with 1-2 players having a different game mode. The run time is anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes. As a personal aside, the Kickstarter went off about as perfectly as a Kickstarter can. The designer David Goh has earned a look from me on all of his future projects.

So, if the above description doesn't perk your interest...

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Fiction Day! - Session #1 of Android RPG pt.1

Sci-fi Noir Fun times!
Ding! Icarus pulled out his pad from a pocket. The message notification light shown a dull red. "Seraphina has a job for me, Nice." She wanted him to come down from level 55 where he roomed in an apartment with no questions asked to the park down on level 5 where she built up her market. It comprised a collection of stalls and merchants who sold legally questionable merchandise and information. Icarus bought and sold there frequently, they didn't mind his clone heritage. There were 2 other names on the message Icarus didn't know. "This must be important. She knows I work alone." One check on his watch confirmed it, there wasn't time to kill.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Legend of Signum Review Pt 2!

So, If you haven't read review part one, you can do so Here. Its been a bit since the previous review, but I have had a chance to play a few games with the system and it seems to be fairly solid. Lets start with a run down of the regular turn / some basic rules. Each turn you get a money, draw a card, and then get the option of adding to your city. The city is your source of Mana (to borrow from Magic: the Gathering), and each card needs up to three buildings either specific, or generic. I would even hazard that the build order for your city is the primary learning curve of the game.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Legends of Signum Review! Part 1!

Okay Team! So, my kickstarter for this game has come in the mail. Lets break this thing down.

Legend of Signum: Battle for Vallor is a 2 player game that is approximately 50% Collectible card game, 50% miniatures war game. The decks range from 20 to 40 cards and must comprise at least 50% creatures. These are summoned to the battle field where they move and attack in a miniature format. Most of the cards needed to play are purchased in a CCG format, with 7 cards per pack with a normal scale of rarity. Common, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic. there are 6 commons and one Rare, and then there roughly 1 legendary in every 8 packs. Mythics are not in normal packs, but are going to be like promo cards, and prizes. Also, some packs will have a building/terrain card in addition to the above. The characters are purchased in blister packs, and come with all the cards needed to play with.

Fiction Day! - Android: Net runner fun times, character study.

Icarus watched the guard and waited. The Guard’s lazy patrol meandered from the front entrance to the alley on the right side of the building. To an unassuming observer, he looked alert and ready for anything. However, on closer inspection one could tell the earbuds the guard used spouted some atrocious audio book, and he kept checking his Pad for his step count. Icarus checked his watch too, out of habit. It took the man 145 seconds to make the lap. “Time to go.” Snatching the curriers hat off the trashcan, Icarus started on a brisk jog #3 towards the doors. The guard still needed to travel half way back to the doors. Icarus stood, waiting at the door and fidgeting. The performance would be noticeable to any other Hermes, but the guard surely would just see another messenger clone waiting to move.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Fiction Day - These story chunks are becoming increasingly out of order

The stars outside sparkled and streaked, flying past the view port. Gaile watched the passing glinting lines contemplatively. She fought the urge to yawn, brushing her red hair away from her eyes. Soon, the ship would land in Buenos Sochi. Gaile flicked her eyes to the camera screens. The boxes of goods in storage sat unmoving. The last few hours of a transport job always bored her out of her mind. "Ugh, When do we arrive again? This is such a pain." She tapped the navigation screen on the control panel. "I don't know how you can read this thing."

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Time Breaker - Review!

Okay, So got a copy of this game yesterday. Its a game where you are a time cop trying to catch someone screwing up time, before the other agents do. Lets go over the basics:

  • 2 to 5 players
  • 10 to 40 min play time
  • Card game with Tile board
  • high quality Meeples
Played a few games and