Friday, January 10, 2020

Lets talk Infinity Train

Back in the last decade, (Because saying four years ago doesn't give this show the gravitas it has earned.) The pilot episode got You-tubed, and went viral. Here is the link, or if you are just a bit lazy I have got it posted in full below the break. The animation is delightful and the characters are complex and well written. We are still only talking about the pilot too! I literally don't have the words to explain how well I liked it.

In fact the only reason I'm still putting words on the page is to make the page look better. Because I want this art over here on the page bumper for the main site. Seriously, look that over. If you aren't enthralled by it, then you can probably skip this whole thing and save yourself some time.

In any case, the Pilot got greenlit within a month of being posted online. I am super hopeful that more pilots are handled in this fashion. Put online, and then your prospective audience can tell you directly that the show is good or bad.

Monday, January 6, 2020

New year Update and such

So, lets do some quick catch up for the new year, and look back at what I did last year on this big old blog thing. I put out 21 posts last year... Ugh... While quite a bit disappointing, that is more than previous years, and it gives me something to work on this year. Each one capped out at around a thousand words. Some were 500 and some were 1500, so I am just going by the average. So I put out 21,000 words last year that I thought people might like. On the plus side I did plan out and convert/paint up a whole Blood Bowl team. So that was a nice project finished.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Fiction Post - Writer's Block

Elliot put on his writer's mask and glared at the computer monitor. The text cursor blinked in and out of existence, demanding additions to his opus. Squinting, he typed in a small bit “The man reached for the pistol, his hand shaking.” Sighing, Elliot deleted the words. All the text tonight was just coming out crap after all. Leaning back, he pushed the chair back and spun it around. Maybe the nausea would give him some inspiration.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Fiction post! - Fixed point in time

Ricky spun the bottle out of his hands. It spun out and upwards in a lazy spin. It slowed as it rose to the top of its arc and hung there, floating freely like the other five bottles he threw previously. He sighed, tapping them one after the other. Each fell to the floor on contact, though they again slowed down and landed gently on the ground. The sixth bottle had spun higher than the others, and had slowed to a stop at knee height rather than on the floor. Ricky tapped it again, and this time it dropped and broke into three nasty shards. He grinned sadly, "That's a good fightin' bottle now. Maybe someone here will need it."

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Review - Cannon Busters!

From Top to bottom: Philly the Kid, Sam, Casey Turnbolt
Cannon Busters just came out on Netflix recently, and by recently I mean August 15th 2019.  Holy Cow! I'm only a week late and a dollar short. You might ask, wouldn't this reach more people as a video review on you tube like all the everyones are doing now? And I might reply; Look, video reviews cost money to make and I have mostly just have time. What was I doing? Oh, Right. Review time.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Forever Late Review! - No Man's Sky

This is a thing you can do.
I've been playing No Man's Sky finally. Does that means its time for another Forever Late Review?
Of course I haven't ever done one of these by name, but since I never seem to get around to buying and playing games when they are new... this sounds like a plan. To be fair, I've only picked it up in the last week and a half. So new to me, right? Okay, Lets go!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Trogdor: The Board Game - Review!

Behold in all its glory.
Okay team, My copy of Trogdor: The Board Game arrived in the mail yesterday. I have gotten a couple games in, so lets dive in and look this thing over.

This game is a Co-op only game that runs for 30 to 45 min for 1 to 6 players. There are two main versions, the regular and the deluxe. The regular has wooden meeples as pictured to the right, and the deluxe also has plastic pre-painted figures in addition to all of those. Both sets are quite nice, though I went with the deluxe version. Seriously, I'm not sure I'll ever not use the minis.